In Byron Bay, most partner visa Australia refusals are for applications that have been lodged without the advice of an RMA, and lack sufficient evidence of a genuine partner relationship.

The Department’s Case Officers have full discretion to refuse your application if there are any inconsistencies, and are no longer obliged to request missing documents. Given the huge non-refundable $7160 Visa Application Charge, and huge delays and additional expense and stress of an appeal, it is well worth engaging an RMA to take full responsibility for your case.

If you have already lodged a partner visa Australia application, and are not sure whether you have provided sufficient evidence, we may still be able to help you. Depending on when you lodged your application and whether you have already received a request for further information, we may agree to take over your case.

We would need to meet you and your sponsor in Byron Bay and make a full assessment of:

  • Your Australian visa history
  • Your current circumstances
  • Your relationship history
  • Your partner visa application and all previous visa applications
  • Your partner’s sponsorship application
  • Your documentary evidence in support of your relationship
  • All communications between yourself and the Department

What are the costs involved in taking over a self-lodged permanent partner visa application?

Initial review of application and documents:        $1500

RMA to take full responsibility:                               $2700

Total:                                                                          $4200

Please get in touch for further information.