Migration Law is complex and changes frequently. Your fee will depend upon the complexity of your case, the length of time involved in gathering information and preparing a decision-ready application. It will also depend upon the number of applicants and the type of visa you are applying for.


Initial Consultation (1 hour skype, phone or in person): AUD$200. This will be deducted from your final fee.


After an initial consultation regarding your circumstances and requirements, you will be provided with written advice and a quote. There will be no additional charges unless your needs change. All outlays including Department of Immigration Visa charges will be included in the quote so you know exactly how much your application will cost. Using the most advanced Migration management software allows me to streamline the visa application process and keep my fees reasonable, and less form-filling for you.

General pricing information:

Work visas start at AUD$5000
Family visas start at AUD$4000
Student visas start at AUD$600
Visitor visas start at AUD$1500
German/Australian dual citizenship AUD$200

MRT submissions start at AUD$5000
Visa Application Checks start at AUD$1000

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