In most cases, yes – but there is a strict time limit of only 21 days to lodge an appeal with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) once your partner visa has been refused.

A Registered Migration Agent Australia will confirm for you if you can lodge an appeal in your circumstances and advise your options.

What are the costs and timeframes of an appeal with the AAT?

AAT application fee:                                                            $1764

BBMA Preparation and lodgement of application:         $1000

BBMA Preparation and lodgement of submissions:       $3000

BBMA Hearing Fee:                                                             $3000

Total:                                                                                     $8764

The AAT has a huge backlog of applications and is currently taking up to 18 months for a decision. In order to advise if an appeal is your best option, please send the following to me for assessment:

  • Refusal Decision Notice
  • Copy of online Visa Application
  • Copy of online sponsorship application
  • All supporting evidence you included with your application
  • All correspondence from the Department with you regarding your application

Please get in touch with your migration agent Australia if you have any questions about the appeal process.