Why use Byron Bay Migration Agency to lodge your Partner Visa application

Not all of the information and documents required in support of your Partner Visa application is listed on the Department’s website. The only person qualified to determine what information and documents will be required in your particular circumstances is a registered migration agent. Case Officers have the discretion to refuse a visa if it is incomplete or is inconsistent with your previous applications in any way, and are under no obligation to seek clarification or to request missing documents. Don’t risk your non-refundable $7160 Visa Application Charge by providing insufficient evidence of your relationship. Have your application prepared by a local migration agent Australia who will meet with you personally, assess your circumstances and advise what is required to lodge a strong and compelling visa application. An initial consultation with Byron Bay Migration Agency to discuss your circumstances costs AUD$200, which is then deducted from our professional fees should we prepare and lodge your permanent Partner Visa application. Please get in touch for further... read more

Partner visa processing times

Some clients in Byron Bay have been horrified recently when I’ve told them they may need to wait over 2 years for a decision on their Partner Visa Australia application. As at today’s date 19 September 2018, partner visa Australia applications are taking between 19-25 months to be decided. With the help of a migration agent Australia though, there are some things you can do to increase the chance of your application being decided as early as possible, such as lodging a “decision-ready” application. Lodging a decision-ready application maximises the chance of a quick decision and minimises the chance of refusal because: your Case Officer already has all the information he or she needs to make the decision, and your Case Officer already has all the required documents from you and your sponsor, and includes a written submission identifying how the application meets all applicable legislative criteria for grant of the visa. Each case is different and a quick decision can’t be guaranteed, of course. But my decision-ready Partner Visa applications for Byron Bay clients are consistently decided within 12 months, and I have a 100% success rate. Contact us today for more... read more

Why it is better to apply onshore for your Partner Visa

There are a few distinct advantages when you apply for a partner visa Australia onshore. Clients in Byron Bay who have an Australian partner often prefer to remain in Australia while they wait for a decision on their permanent partner visa Australia application. They often have a local job they don’t want to leave, but more importantly, they don’t want to leave their partner. The current processing time for Partner Visas has reached an incredible 25 months. But if you lodge a valid application for a partner visa onshore, you will be automatically granted a Bridging Visa A (BVA) at the same time. Your BVA allows you to: Remain living in Australia with your partner (De facto or spouse visa Australia) Work full time in any job – the occupation does not need to be on any list Enrol in Medicare, Australia’s public health system Appeal the decision should your application be refused. If your Working Holiday or Student visa is about to expire and you have an Australian partner, please get in touch to see if your relationship may meet the requirements for a Partner Visa... read more

7160 reasons to engage a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) for your partner visa application

In Byron Bay, most partner visa Australia refusals are for applications that have been lodged without the advice of an RMA, and lack sufficient evidence of a genuine partner relationship. The Department’s Case Officers have full discretion to refuse your application if there are any inconsistencies, and are no longer obliged to request missing documents. Given the huge non-refundable $7160 Visa Application Charge, and huge delays and additional expense and stress of an appeal, it is well worth engaging an RMA to take full responsibility for your case. If you have already lodged a partner visa Australia application, and are not sure whether you have provided sufficient evidence, we may still be able to help you. Depending on when you lodged your application and whether you have already received a request for further information, we may agree to take over your case. We would need to meet you and your sponsor in Byron Bay and make a full assessment of: Your Australian visa history Your current circumstances Your relationship history Your partner visa application and all previous visa applications Your partner’s sponsorship application Your documentary evidence in support of your relationship All communications between yourself and the Department What are the costs involved in taking over a self-lodged permanent partner visa application? Initial review of application and documents:        $1500 RMA to take full responsibility:                               $2700 Total:                                                                          $4200 Please get... read more

My partner visa application has been refused. Can I appeal the decision?

In most cases, yes – but there is a strict time limit of only 21 days to lodge an appeal with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) once your partner visa has been refused. A Registered Migration Agent Australia will confirm for you if you can lodge an appeal in your circumstances and advise your options. What are the costs and timeframes of an appeal with the AAT? AAT application fee:                                                            $1764 BBMA Preparation and lodgement of application:         $1000 BBMA Preparation and lodgement of submissions:       $3000 BBMA Hearing Fee:                                                             $3000 Total:                                                                                     $8764 The AAT has a huge backlog of applications and is currently taking up to 18 months for a decision. In order to advise if an appeal is your best option, please send the following to me for assessment: Refusal Decision Notice Copy of online Visa Application Copy of online sponsorship application All supporting evidence you included with your application All correspondence from the Department with you regarding your application Please get in touch with your migration agent Australia if you... read more

Witnessing your Statutory Declarations for partner visa applications

As of 18 September 2018, your migration agent Australia can now witness your Australian Statutory Declarations. This is great news if you are lodging a partner visa Australia application in Byron Bay and need your relationship declarations and Form 888s witnessed – your RMA can take care of it for you now as part of your application. No more special trips down to the Byron Bay Courthouse to have forms signed! Call now to find out if your relationship qualifies for a partner visa... read more

Why you shouldn’t apply for your Australian working holiday visa yet…

In March 2018, the Australian government implemented minimum work experience requirements for most work visas. The new TSS visa requires at least 2 years of paid, full-time, highly relevant work experience, and the employer nomination scheme and regional scheme both now require at least 3 years of experience. The subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visa allows certain Diploma graduates to apply for an 18-month unrestricted work visa, and Degree level graduates and above may be eligible for a 2-4 year unrestricted work visa. So if you want to keep working in Australia and have a degree, you need to work every day of your Temporary Graduate visa to gain 2 years of work experience, but if you graduated with a Diploma, then 18 months is not going to be enough time. You may be able to gain additional work experience under the Working Holiday or Work and Holiday program if: You are under the age of 30 and haven’t already held a working holiday visa (or 35 if you’re Canadian) AND If you only need an additional 6 months’ work experience AND You hold an eligible passport Gaining professional work experience really isn’t the intention of the Working Holiday program, but is often the only way international graduates can now gain the minimum work experience for a TSS visa application. Consult a migration agent Australia to find out if a working holiday could help in your... read more

Study and work in Byron Bay … the Temporary Graduate visa

At BBMA, we are education agents as well as Registered Migration Agents. We know the student visa Australia legislation and – most importantly – which local courses meet the requirements for a Temporary Graduate visa upon graduation. There are only a few courses locally that meet the Australian Study Requirement and qualify you for the Temporary Graduate visa upon completion of your studies. Most of the local courses are great for 12-24 months of study, but won’t lead to a recognised qualification or further work visa opportunity. With minimum work experience requirements in place since March 2018, international students really need to make use of the Temporary Graduate visa to gain as much work experience as possible. If you’re looking for a longer stay in Byron Bay, allow me to find you the perfect course that qualifies for the Temporary Graduate visa, leads to a qualification and the opportunity to gain valuable work experience once you graduate. Are you about to complete your degree at Southern Cross University in Lismore or on the Gold Coast? Please get in touch to find out if your studies meet the Australian Study Requirement and will allow you to apply for the Temporary Graduate... read more

Where can I do my 88 days of farm work in and around Byron Bay to extend my Working Holiday?

There aren’t many places available locally, and competition can be fierce. You need to be well organised to ensure you complete your 88 days before your first working holiday visa expires. The first place to check is the former Harvest Trail website, which advertises current jobs and can now be found at www.jobsearch.gov.au/harvest Blueberries – Blueberry Fields http://www.blueberryfields.com.au/index.html 30 minutes inland from Byron Bay or Costa http://costagroup.com.au/Berries Corindi, 2.5 hours south of Byron Bay Macadamias – Brookfarm https://brookfarm.com.au/about/employment/ Herbs – Pocket Herbs http://www.pocketherbs.com.au/ located about 30 minutes north of Byron Bay or Fresh Zest https://www.hosannafarmstay.com.au/ Caniaba, west of Lismore about an hour inland from Byron Bay Farmstay – Hosanna Farmstay https://www.hosannafarmstay.com.au/ Stoker’s Siding, 40 minutes north of Byron Bay You may also like to try The Farm in Ewingsdale but I have not yet heard of any backpackers working there on a Working Holiday Visa https://www.thefarmbyronbay.com.au/faq/ Please let me know if you’ve been granted your second Working Holiday visa by completing your 88 days specified work at a local farm. And later, you may then consider applying for a partner visa Australia. Find out what visa you can apply for next before your Working Holiday visa... read more

I have applied for a partner visa. Am I eligible for Medicare?

Applicants who apply onshore for a partner visa Australia are eligible to apply for Medicare. You will need to apply in person at a Medicare office and take with you: the acknowledgement letter you received from the Department, a copy of your Bridging Visa A grant notice your passport. An important consideration is when your Bridging Visa A becomes active. For example, if you are currently on a student visa and lodge an application for a partner visa Australia, your bridging visa will only activate once your student visa expires. This may impact the date you are eligible for Medicare, so you should make sure you do not stop your Overseas Student Health Cover until your student visa has expired. The closest Medicare offices to Byron Bay are Ballina, Lismore and Tweed Heads. Only Medicare can advise you whether you are eligible to receive Medicare in your... read more

Working Holiday visa age limit increase for Canadians

The Department has announced that the Working Holiday Visa (WHV) age limit has been increased from 30 to 35 for Canadians. From 1 November 2018, Canadian applicants up to and including those who are 35 years of age, will be eligible to apply for the subclass 417 Working Holiday visa. As of today’s date, the age limit remains at 30 for all other WHV and Work and Holiday visa eligible nationalities. If you’re Canadian and would like to know how the WHV program can help you gain more Australian work experience for your CV, or if you are looking forward to applying for a permanent partner visa, please send a message to discuss your... read more

What visa do I need for a longer stay in Byron Bay?

I am often asked by people who don’t have an Australian partner how they can stay in Byron Bay for a few years or more. Here’s an approximate timeline of how I helped three UK passport holders come to Byron Bay and stay for up to 3.5 years: 15 Sept 2015 Enrolled in courses in Byron Bay 30 Sep 2015 Applied for Student Visas to study in Byron Bay 5 Oct 2015 Student Visa Australia granted, flight tickets purchased 1 Nov 2015 Arrived in Australia, courses commenced in Byron Bay on 9 November 2015 1 Apr 2018 Official graduation from courses 15 May 2018 Applied for Temporary Graduate Visas 15 Aug 2018 Temporary Graduate visas granted with full work rights 15 Jan 2020 Graduate visa expires.   From the middle of August 2018, my clients have been allowed to work full time unrestricted in Byron Bay (or anywhere in Australia) up until the end of January 2020. International student fees in Australia can be prohibitively expensive. But in the above example, all course fees, insurance, medical exams, police clearances, student visa Australia application charges and Registered Migration Agent fees came to less than AUD$30,000 for this 3.5 year stay. As at 20 Sep 2018 AUD$30,000 is approximately £16,500 or €18,500 To learn more about this topic, please send us a... read more

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