There aren’t many places available locally, and competition can be fierce. You need to be well organised to ensure you complete your 88 days before your first working holiday visa expires.

The first place to check is the former Harvest Trail website, which advertises current jobs and can now be found at

Blueberries – Blueberry Fields 30 minutes inland from Byron Bay or Costa Corindi, 2.5 hours south of Byron Bay

Macadamias – Brookfarm

Herbs – Pocket Herbs located about 30 minutes north of Byron Bay or Fresh Zest Caniaba, west of Lismore about an hour inland from Byron Bay

Farmstay – Hosanna Farmstay Stoker’s Siding, 40 minutes north of Byron Bay

You may also like to try The Farm in Ewingsdale but I have not yet heard of any backpackers working there on a Working Holiday Visa

Please let me know if you’ve been granted your second Working Holiday visa by completing your 88 days specified work at a local farm. And later, you may then consider applying for a partner visa Australia.

Find out what visa you can apply for next before your Working Holiday visa expires.