There are a few distinct advantages when you apply for a partner visa Australia onshore.

Clients in Byron Bay who have an Australian partner often prefer to remain in Australia while they wait for a decision on their permanent partner visa Australia application. They often have a local job they don’t want to leave, but more importantly, they don’t want to leave their partner.

The current processing time for Partner Visas has reached an incredible 25 months. But if you lodge a valid application for a partner visa onshore, you will be automatically granted a Bridging Visa A (BVA) at the same time. Your BVA allows you to:

  • Remain living in Australia with your partner (De facto or spouse visa Australia)
  • Work full time in any job – the occupation does not need to be on any list
  • Enrol in Medicare, Australia’s public health system
  • Appeal the decision should your application be refused.

If your Working Holiday or Student visa is about to expire and you have an Australian partner, please get in touch to see if your relationship may meet the requirements for a Partner Visa Australia.