In March 2018, the Australian government implemented minimum work experience requirements for most work visas. The new TSS visa requires at least 2 years of paid, full-time, highly relevant work experience, and the employer nomination scheme and regional scheme both now require at least 3 years of experience.

The subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visa allows certain Diploma graduates to apply for an 18-month unrestricted work visa, and Degree level graduates and above may be eligible for a 2-4 year unrestricted work visa. So if you want to keep working in Australia and have a degree, you need to work every day of your Temporary Graduate visa to gain 2 years of work experience, but if you graduated with a Diploma, then 18 months is not going to be enough time.

You may be able to gain additional work experience under the Working Holiday or Work and Holiday program if:

  • You are under the age of 30 and haven’t already held a working holiday visa (or 35 if you’re Canadian) AND
  • If you only need an additional 6 months’ work experience AND
  • You hold an eligible passport

Gaining professional work experience really isn’t the intention of the Working Holiday program, but is often the only way international graduates can now gain the minimum work experience for a TSS visa application.

Consult a migration agent Australia to find out if a working holiday could help in your circumstances.